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Here are a few almost scary facts..

About Lara Calder-Potts

I'm spontaneous and bubbly, half Italian and half British (therefore bilingual in Italian and English). I have a special aptitude for languages, which is why I also speak French and Spanish, thus am able to communicate with a huge variety of people. I am very outgoing, meeting people and making them feel at ease is something that I enjoy and comes naturally to me. I study business management and am particularly interested in the marketing and advertising department because I feel that this is the area best suited to me: it would allow me to use not only my creativity but also my persuasion and communications skills and hence fully develop my potential. I have traveled extensively, lived between Italy and England and spent a whole year in Buenos Aires as part of my degree (Business Management with French and Spanish). I feel that these experiences have lead to a very open mind and an ability to understand and appreciate other cultures. My ambition is to enter prominently in the world of promotion, advertising and marketing for multinational companies, as it would be an honor for me to travel to various countries and use my languages to sell or promote new projects and designs. I am ambitious but flexible, determined and willing to work hard to achieve my goals. I strive for a chance to prove that I have what it takes and detest letting people down.

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